“If you want a terrific leadership experience for your students, Brandon provides it.”

-David Cherry (KSHSAA Assistant Executive Director and Director of Kansas Student Council)

“Your workshops inspired me to be so much more and to strive to give it all I got and then more!!! I will never give up on my dreams 🙂 Thank you!”

— Reba (Western National Roundup delegate)

“Brandon’s dance workshop demonstrated risk taking and was terrific! Brandon’s instructions and demonstrations were so easy to follow. The teens and teachers loved it — didn’t feel like leadership training at all but it was! Highly recommend this program for leadership training.”

— Jan (Hawaii NSSP Liaison)

“You were able to take 300 students and form a team with a unified purpose! Getting an entire gym full of Teens to work together was phenomenal!”

—Assistant Superintendent (Pratt School District, KS)

“It has been a long time since I was bombarded with “THANK-YOU” and “THAT WAS GREAT” before I even made it back to my room!”

—Heather, Teacher (Waterloo, NY)

“Brandon captivated the attention of 400 middle school students. His program  was an excellent way to begin our school year. What a fabulous way to set a positive tone!”

—Paula (Associate Principal, Indian Woods Middle School)