I felt like during my whole life I’ve been bullied. My clothes, weight, glasses and anything else was fair game, it seemed. Maybe part of it has to do with the fact that I was a transfer student in 3rd grade, and I didn’t know anyone. The bullying got so bad by 5th grade that I got depressed and hated myself. Like Brandon said in his speech, “My light got turned off.” By 6th grade the motivation and happiness was gone and antidepressants came in.  I was “happy,” kind of, but happy isn’t the right word– maybe sedated.

At first, I was hurt and offended by the bullying, but then I started doing what everyone tells you not to do. I started believing it. I hated myself more than anyone. I bullied myself more than anyone. But, I didn’t let it show on the outside, because people would get “concerned.” So, I faked a smile. Seventh grade was the worst of all. They bullied me so bad that I did things that I shouldn’t have, things I don’t want to talk about on here.

They say that it’s darkest just before dawn. My dawn began in 8th grade. I finally had enough. Instead of isolating myself and to the amazement of everyone, I went out for track and made A-team. Then, in 9th grade I lost a lot of weight and started getting healthier and more confident. Now, I play softball and love it!

I don’t need to have a ton of friends, and that is okay because now, the right people like me for the right reasons, and that’s enough. I’m not perfect, and there are tough days, but I’m finally “owning it.” I am sharing my story because I want to encourage other teens to do the same. Own It!



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